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Lawnmower electrocution kills two

15 May 2007 by ShogZ

Gardening tools are no laughing matter.

Quake The Movie

15 May 2007 by ShogZ

I remember when using game characters to create movies was cool. I remember when Quake was cool. Well I looked up a long forgotten project, Quake the movie, which I saw trailers for in 2001-2002. It's available, and what's more the team that made it still exist!

 Head over here to see Quake the movie: Escape from the Bastille.

 Scroll down to the list of available mirrors in the updates section.

You've GOT TO mister!

13 May 2007 by ShogZ

This is probably the lamest DVD you could ever buy.

However, as a man talking from the painful position of having seen Gonz and Shades' 99p sales results, I know I'm up against stiff competition. That said, I'm all for ambient fish screensavers and stuff, but seriously? This is stupid.

Mind Games of the future

11 May 2007 by ShogZ

An article on the latest generation of mind game headsets has made it onto the BBC. This is actually quite cool showing off an early dev of a first person 'shooter' where you control target manipulation via your brain waves. The headset is small and looks like many of the xbox live jobbies.

Fairly simple tech lets you focus on an object with your mouse, then 'push' 'pull' 'lift' or 'throw' the object. They hope to have the first game(s) out using the tech late next year. That said the way the guy in the demo mows himself down with a park bench means they might have a way to go..:

BBC News Player - Brain controls video game

P.S: It's a RealMedia clip.

Ripping off other people

05 May 2007 by ShogZ

Is generally not good, but this is funny: