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Don't cry for me Regina.

18 Jun 2007 by ShogZ


I know this is going to be hard for you, I've called all the teen idol magazines and alerted the Samaritans hotline. This will be worse than when Take That broke up.

So I want you all to take a deep breath.


Ladies, I'm officially off the market. Your man Shogz is getting married.

That's right, I asked the lady of my life and she said yes.

You may now collapse in tears at this lost opportunity.

Update on PSP Review and God vs Sony

14 Jun 2007 by ShogZ

The PSP has a major downfall. It's durability.

Sadly, tonight, I dropped my PSP. Not far, not much and not hard.

No scratches, no cracks, no dents, nada. So I'm thinking 'wow, pretty tough piece of kit'. Sadly no.

It didn't switch on, reboot or anything. Totally dead. So I'm right back to hating Sony 100%.

In other news 404 member SpiKe was on BBC's Radio 5 live discussing the Sony vs God thing from the gamers angle. Way to get into the media bud!

Not that anyone but the spambots actually read ANY of my articles.

God sues Sony

10 Jun 2007 by ShogZ

According to this article on the BBC, the Very Reverend of Manchester Cathedral is ocnsidering suing Sony for using the citys cathederal in Resistance: Fall of man. Quote:

 "We are shocked to see a place of learning, prayer and heritage being presented to the youth market as a location where guns can be fired..."

Whilst I'm all for Sony gettig even more of a mauling I have my reservations when it comes to this stuff. Anyone who's read my 28 Weeks later review will know I have a big jones for entertainment that uses local buildings and locations I recognise for action.
This smells too much like 'Video games are evil' to me and the above quote just tops it off. Coming from (very) reverend people who don't play games, believe all the pseudo science around games (They make you violent, socially introverted and a child rapist) and decide that the best way to champion Christianity is to sue games manufacturers.

Again, I'm not defending Sony, hate the bastards, but the Church looks even more fuddy duddy for this crap. How about trying to get an apology for the quiessence to slavery? Something on the torture and abuse of people in the middle ages? The constant stream of sexual scandals involving choir boys? Perhaps addressing the fact that the worlds most dire violent threat is in part caused by the errant perception of Christianity leading to violent reactionism? No? No?

Oh ok we'll sue videogames instead.

Idiots (That remark includes Sony). 


07 Jun 2007 by ShogZ

An appeal for internet content, sponsored by our friend from Robocop:

Content please...!

"...Heeeeeeelp meeeeee....."

Damned PR gurus

05 Jun 2007 by ShogZ

Apparently, according to one of the PR firms commenting on the god awful new London olympics logo:

" takes more than jagged writing to make something 'edgy'..."

I hope they don't critique music as well. Cos I'm all about jaggy.