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It's a kind of magic...

12 Jul 2007 by ShogZ

Tuesday's reports of mass weeping of women and a huge spike in the sale of ladies 'comfort foods' can now be confirmed and indeed explained.

You see, for the ladies out there (And the gents that have had their eye on me) I am now officially married.

The ceremony was carried out quickly and quietly in ultra secret fashion as is the 404 cabals code. However, now that the legal bits are done the planning begins for a large party and celebration in a years time...Clan mates are of course guests of honor. We are, after all, family...But that doesn't mean anyone gets to take turns with my wife.

The bachelor is dead, long live the husband.

Zelda: Ocri..Ocra...Ocr...64 best game ever!

02 Jul 2007 by ShogZ

Zelda, Ocriannnanan of time has been voted best game ever by Nintedn...Sorry Edge magazine in it's 10 greatest titles poll.

Apparently it ushered in a new world of 3d Gaming and moved the franchise and the industry forward. The fact that almost all the gmaes listed are on Nintendo platforms and Zelda appears twice is immaterial. NINTENDO ARE GREAT DAMNIT.

Anyhow you can read the ' monetarily inspired journalism' here.

Personally I would have said Commander Keen, or attack of the orbs. But what do I know?

Nice styleeee

25 Jun 2007 by ShogZ

On occasion MC's from the underground are worth listening to. According to my real life MC Riz is in my extended network, he debuted on the BBC stage at Glastonbury.

You can catch his show by clicking here.

The fact that he's taken my only fan (Thanks mum) leaves no bitter taste. Don't agree with everything he says but he's still worth listening to.


25 Jun 2007 by Dr_Gonz

On the offchance anyone still plays id games here (i realise it's a long shot), I only just noticed that Q4 got another patch the other day, including what seems to beĀ  GTV type dealio, which is good news. On a similar front (though it's been out for ages), there is (allegedly) a good Doom 3 open coop mod, which adds the one feature I was really looking forward to in the game in the first place! Now Shades and I just have to install the game again and we should be set for coopery fun.

You maniacs, you blew it up.

19 Jun 2007 by ShogZ

Well we finally did it.

The BBFC banned a video game for the first time in ten years. We have finally succumbed to that most retarded of democratic ideals, that the average citizen is not able to choose what is right or wrong for themselves and to be trusted not to act irrationally or illegaly as a result.

Freedom of choice, not freedom of action was always my dictum when it came to video games. The only, single, one murder that was allegedly attributed to the original Manhunt by a disturbed 17 year old boy has lead to the banning of the game from UK shelves.

I wont go into the purile and empty comparison that cigarettes directly contribute to the deaths of thousands of people per year but are still widely available. I shan't of course wander into the minefield of knife and firearm ownership either.

It appears that we, as a nation, are unable to decide what we are allowed to watch, listen to or play because we cannot be trusted with our actions as a result.

This case is probably true for children. Kids are suseptible to ideas and other fantasies that make plausible realities. But lets examine the case evidence shall we? There is a single case where this game was a factor in a single crime. Great as that crime was, does a single crime allow regulation against the masses?

Let me give a different example.

A man gets a copy of the Bible from a hotel, its free of course. He reads in this widely available and totally uncontrolled document that he should stone sodomites and kill adulterers. So off he pops and beats a gay man to death. But the Bible, is a religious book and his actions are out of context, so his crime is insanity or malice as he has not been lead, influenced or anything else.

People will always be influenced by things. Games, music, art, whatever. What people do after these influences is their choice. Those suseptible to undue degrees of influence (Children, the mentally ill, etc.) should of course have their access controlled until they are of a balanced state of mind in order to know socities norms and make moral judgements. But thats what the rating system is for on games, movies and everything else.

Stop blaming the source and start blaming the individual. If we had hundreds of incidents inspired by one game we'd have a problem. We don't. We have a single incident. Of course the practicioners of fear politik will say "But what if we get more? It could be worse..."

I am sick to death of people trying to blame socities ills on ideas. It starts with videogames and rap music and ends with burning books by philosophers who dont fit 'the social norm'. WAKE UP PEOPLE.

Parents, be parents. Control your childs access to porn, violent films, video games and everything else of an unsavoury nature. Take an active part in knowing what your kid does and is involved in. Wake the fuck up. The middle class liberals are as much to blame as the disinterested council estate chavs. The first group nanny their children into a state of individualism that bears on narcassicim and the second couldn't give a toss where little jonny is and how much glue hes smoked that afternoon.

Video Games do not cause violence. People cause violence. Whereas that argument does not hold for guns and knives (They are the actioning instruments of violence) I have yet to hear of anyone literally beaten to death by a video game.

Ideas cause violence. Prejudice, misinformation, misunderstanding, ignorance, stupidity and basic retardation are all causes of violence.


Even then, even then...This game does not ask players to go out and murder (Ahem...Religion) nope, instead it simply portrays murder and bloodshed by an avatar onscreen. Is this happy and fun? Nope. Is it horrifying and fun? Yes. Does it incite murder? No. Does it tutor murder? No.

This plus God versus Sony recently is starting to get me depressed about the state in which we live when it comes to Games.

If your child is allowed to play brutal and violent games ratedĀ for and only supplied to adults, then the guardians are to blame. Or, shock horror, even the child. I dont expect kids not to violate age restriction rules, I did it constantly, I have of course yet to kill anyone but articles like this draw me closer.

To the nanny legal system and the bleeding heart liberals and those who cant for one moment defend the thing other than 'ban the source' I scream a big healthy fuck you.

I'm going to buy this game, copy it and sell it outside Game stores in the UK. I'm going to run LAN parties and console nights in with this title. I'm going to advertise group events and childcare day centres with this game on the recreation list. You know why?

Because you idiots finally blew it up, thats why.