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Kids r dumb mmkay?

20 Aug 2007 by ShogZ

This report highlighted by the BBC, indicates kids are too stupid for the workplace.

Oh and Jeremy Vine of BBC Radio 4 has an ainteresting article on violence, here.

An interesting find

18 Aug 2007 by ShogZ

Whilst I was treasure hunting the internets I found an interesting place.

There's a bit on the BT site that lets you price up bills and things, it doesnt seem to be accessible form the front page but you can access the script direct, it's called the cp_hidden_playpen and is certainly still in a state of development, it lets you cost various things, lots of fun if you have a BT line it's here.

Ergo, therefore it's a loop

18 Aug 2007 by ShogZ

Scratch up another one.

Sixteen year old boy stabbed to death in Manchester.

I'm not sure how I've ended up reporting all these, but doesnt the rate of chav death seem a bit silly to anyone else?

The Daily Chav toll

15 Aug 2007 by ShogZ

Rises yet again.

Yet another innocent man, this time a degree graduate (In computer Science no less) who stopped two guys throwing litter into his sisters car.

They put a knife to an old mans throat then beat the guy who died when he struck the pavement.

I'm getting tired of reporting this crap, still somebody has to take notice. After a while it'll just be time to get vigilante and form a crime fighting force ourselves.

Invest in 1984

14 Aug 2007 by ShogZ

There's an interesting blog article on Reuters about the share prices of a US based company providing civilian monitoring software to the Chinese government.

'Value neutral stock investment' is also an interesting term, which I think stands for amoral money making. Cool.