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Fine Day for a Hunt

13 Aug 2007 by ShogZ

I'm sorry but any material that shows artistrocrat children hunting chav's on horseback with shotguns and dogs is seriously funny.

 Adding a dower BBC commentary is even funnier, you can watch it here.

This video is funny and well worth keeping, if anyone has a full version please get in touch.

In all honesty, it serves several purposes, encouraging the hunt for chavs, showing that the upper class are indeed useful for something and adding weight to the argument that the hunt should not be banned, merely moved from greenfield sites to council housing developments.

In all honesty, it couldnt be more timely. After seeing that yet another innocant man was killed by a pack of feral chavs for defending his own property, enough is enough.

Chavs are killing the English language, ruining the UKs reputation, sponging off our taxes, destroying the fashion industry, damaging property and now they're just straight up killing people.

I hate them more every day.