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I dont like the drugs, the drugs like me.

21 Feb 2008 by ShogZ

It's early on the presidential race but its long tooth time for the nomination battle.

Obama's got ten in a row but the difference is not as large as it could be. The bunnies are off the farm as far as the nomination goes but the warren is deep and long and counting those animals is elusive.

Earlier I sent a fax to Obama's campaign team, it would have read like this had the damned machine not eaten my paper and spat it out with a psychobabble inkblot test that begged me to remember my long dead family guinie pig:

"...What the hell? He's talking like hes gone ten rounds with Tyson not ten wins against Hillary. He's moving into the slow lane, the Houston address was problematic, your man needs red bull, give him wings, flight of hope is not enough to push a white house door open. We need more passion, more energy.

The Houston stump was a stump, I know the woman bangs on the door and tests our patience like drug addled urine but its not good enough. If you're going to beat McCain who is a hyena in wolves clothes, you must get that vigour back. Hold back on the policy ammo though. He's already set out an early attack, he'll land on your beaches with a 'eloquent but empty' charge that'll make the Clinton impeachment look like a barrell of smiling herring.

If you are going to beat Clinton, stay on target red six, guddamn hit the trench and bullseye those fucking womp rats! She's looking worse than tired she's looking defeated, the only part of her that isnt is her mouth. Thing is thats the mirror alice in wonderland, you got smaller for drinking, image of what you guys are doing. Wake him up. Send him up there with fire in his belly. If he's going to talk to Houston like he fell asleep then we might as well pack our fucking bags and go home. Eat caffeine, inject pure mountain water, whatever the fuck he needs to get motivated.

She's not dead and tigers in corners are fucking angry cats, spit hiss and make noise worse than chewing a child. An angry swan can break a mans arm and with two campaign leaders gone, a senior aide fired, ten states lost and her own money in the thing, Clinton is a guddamn tiger monster that will shit promises and eat lower taxes and universal healthcare.

We all know she sold that one out to the insurance industry but dammnit they dont! If he's getting emphasemic on the route, then have him talk for half the time with twice the damned passion. This man has the speech to Mister Luther King a white crowd, never mind the black vote. Use that to whip Clinton and keep the tallies rolling in.

But dont print the fucking tickets yet. This thing with the wife and not being proud of the nation played badly, the core democrats will see it for what it is and the swing voters might just decide to see-saw, explain, not complain. Like sumo wrestling its better to loose quickly than slowly, fucking fat ugly bastards throwing lard at one another to push out of a chalk circle is not how you want this 'national pride' thing to go down. Explain and then get her to sit at the back.

Well done on calling in the NYT favor on McCain though. Things look bleakest and then they whack him with a 'you sleep with lobbyists' charge. Don't call in all the big favors until it's race time or this will be one catch the fucking pigeon that misses the damned bird and we'll all be left listening to Muttley.

It's getting dirty my friend and we aint even at the start line yet. Shit we havnt filed our reigstration papers. Save the policy ammo for McCain unless Hillary manages a push in Texas. If she doesnt then hold onto the ideas for the race itself.

Gutdamn the problem is the McCain beast is funny, he's got humour. And that will sway and sink an opposition worse than the good ship politic ever would. Hope looks bad when it doesnt deliver and the race is long. Use hope to get the ticket then start actually adding some policy meat to this roast dinner or the fucking campaings a turkey.


This cross eyed debate isnt won lost or half fought, tonight we'll see Hillary and Obama fence one another Jacobian style over who is heading toward madame guillotine this next few months. Hillay will be a fire breathing ass monster who will in the last throws of death press for the red button and nuke the campaign. If it happens let her do it, your friends hit harder than your enemies and if shes got the dirt to hurt before you face McCain let her spill it so hes got no gunpowder left in all of Spain. Hell, even Mr.Bill has aknowledged that if Hillary doesnt make Texas and Ohio shes probably going home. Gutdamn but this is tighter than a nun's ducks ass at Christmas time and you people are playing away from home worse than McCain is alleged to have done.

Don't forget the poeple didnt give a rats ass that Clinton humped almost every female he spied, it reminded them of Kennedy and they loved him for it. Shit, even the French dont care about that stuff anymore, let it go and use it only where it hurts: Rigty right wing ethical values crowd. If we're lucky Huckabee just will not qwuit like the terminator and we'll see him pull the evangelical vote form under McCain. Ahh but shit, I muse while you loose.

No more fucking slow talk you understand? Get this hell cart on the road to ruin.