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GTA IV: Best Game Ever?

26 Apr 2008 by ShogZ

Essentially every magazeina and website I've seen thus far has given GTA IV approximately 100%.

Each of these gushing reviews talks on and on about the sheer joys of the game and how its simply must be played. The intrepid last on the scene reporters of 404 are going to put these claims to the test.

As soon as I can afford it...

When stuff is funny...

20 Apr 2008 by ShogZ

It's just funny

BTW, Gonz I hate the new Wordpress layout, what gives?


10 Apr 2008 by Dr_Gonz

Congratulations to Shogz, who now works "in the industry". Also mad love to Conan and Grom, both of whom celebrated another year of stayin' alive on Tuesday.