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23 Mar 2008 by ShogZ

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Chuck Norris is the only WMD in Iraq.

12 Mar 2008 by ShogZ

According to Reuters.

This is my favourite quote, from an Iraqi police chief:

"...I've seen his videos, he's a hero. He saves the city, he protects women and children and he fights crime wherever it is. We should all be like Chuck Norris..."

Why Youtube comments are cool

07 Mar 2008 by ShogZ

JetXspitfireX (3 days ago) Show Hide
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Dude Basshunter is kool.
anyone got xboxlive and likes basshunter send me a friend request JetXspitfireX

1hits2besthitback (3 days ago) Show Hide
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Is this love?

07 Mar 2008 by ShogZ

If you're looking for a geeky gamer girl or guy, then check out The matchmaking site for people who hate matchmaking sites.

There are a good quoetent of fat goths and a fair number of anime types, and lost artists who dont realise what danger they're putting themselves in by going online. And there are girls there who play games and receive about a million messages a day.

Go there now.

P.S - Nobody paid me to write this.

Exit Polls

05 Mar 2008 by ShogZ

CNN / MSNBC / Reuters are calling Vermont for Obama.

Update (00:37GMT / 19:37EST) : Too close to call in Ohio.

Update (00:40GMT / 19:40EST): Interestingly CNN are giving obama 5% in Vermont and MSNBC are giving him 53%. A 3-5%+/- error margin puts Clinton back in contention.

Update (00:42GMT / 19:42EST): Eastern Ohio polls have had to move due to flooding, Ohio secretary of state says Ohio has run out of ballots and needs to extend voting until 2100. Petitions court.

Update (00:45GMT / 19:48EST): CNN still wont call Ohio. Only 3% of districts have reported in Vermont but it still went to McCain and Obama...Early call?

Update (00:50GMT / 19:50EST): MSNBC are carrying the peitiotn to hold Ohio voting until 2100, CNN are not. Vermont voted on Iraq. CNN are saying the Ohio polls have closed.

Update (00:51GMT / 19:51EST): Texas polls close in 9 minutes.

Update (01:00GMT/20:00EST):  CNN calling Ohio for Clinton, Clinton 56% Obama 42%. Texas just closed.

Update (01:02GMT / 20:02EST): MSNBC calling Ohio for Clinton, same poll numbers as CNN. Even with error margins Ohio is for clinton, expected but annoying.

Update (01:04GMT/20:04EST): Some Texas polls will remain open for another hour, because they're on mountain time. Extension granted in flooded out part of Ohio but no official court announcement. Huckabee takes a suprising 23% in Ohio against McCain.

Update (01:07GMT/20:07EST): Reuters call Vermont for Obama at 60% to Clintons 38% with 11% of precintcts reporting. They still wont call Ohio for Clinton.

Update (01:11GMT/20:11EST): CNN are running a pointless article on President Johnson, shut the fuck up and give me more Ohio and Texas numbers.

Update (01:12GMT/20:12EST): CNN Obama 61% clinton 39% in Texas. Fucking yes. allegedly 60% of registered voters in Texas have turned out, awesome. less than 2% reporting however.

Update (01:14GMT/20:14EST): Obamas campaign have just filed a lawsuit in Ohio to keep Cuyahgo City polls open late, Reuters reporting.

Update (01:17GMT/20:17EST): MSNBC wont release any Texas numbers. fuckers. Give me the heroin and back off, gutdamn pushers.

Update (01:20GMT/20:20EST): MSNBC update their Ohio numbers giving 62% to Clinton and 36% to Obama. By most counts Ohio is Clintons. CNN give El Paso more tie until close, Rhode Island doesnt close until 2100EST.

Update (01:22GMT / 20:22EST): CNN have an awesome touchscreen minority report style interface their consultants are using to predict results. The technology is truly frightening, none of the maths works though. These spin ridden lizards will eat pictures and spit fiery numbers that will not compute to a greek.

Update (01:26GMT/20:26EST): MSNBC report ballot shortages in 15 precincts. Voting hours extended by court mandate. Obama must sniff the honey vote push the facebook buttons and network to the call lists. Make it so number two. CNN still replying Jck Nichelsons commercial for Hillary. No texas numbers from MSNBC or reuters, move it you slave pigs! open Minastiriths gates and give me Obamas hordes!

Update (01:29GMT/20:29EST): CNN are playing stupid celebrity clips and pimping showbiz tonight, this is akin to putting on the grammys during 9/11 coverage. Fuck off. Reuters calling Texas for obama with 58% of the vote versus Clintons 40% but only 1% reporting.

Update (01:33GMT/20:33EST): Still no Texas numbers from MSNBC. Pussies. My news on the court decision was faster than CNN's, eat that corporate news whores. The snake took a bite of the big apple, and Rhode Island floated by unaware of its role as a lifeboat. Its getting weird now, I'm tired and my fingers hurt because the a key on my keyboard is broken and i have to punch it. The election has left me crippled. Someone behind me is talking, but the house is empty. Ass.

Update (01:50GMT/20:50EST): Hilariously Fox are calling Texas 100% for clinton with 344,000 votes counted. I'm guessing there's an error with their updater.

Update (01:53GMT/20:53EST): MSNBC are chickenshit cowards and still have no Texas numbers. Reuters reporting huge clinton wins in Texas periphery so maybe Fox not far off.

Fuck them all, my vision is going and my neck is aching like a bear shat in my spine. Plus I have a callous the size of a pea on my 'a' finger.

Here's 404 calls -

Vermont, Obama
Ohio, Clinton
Rhode Island, Clinton
Texas, Obama.

Fuck democracy. I'm going to bed.