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TV is not real

19 Nov 2007 by ShogZ

Suprisingly it turns out shows on TV are fantasy and 'exaggerte the truth'. one such show is Gonzos favourite, CSI.

Dr Sheila Willis of Ireland's forensic science laboratory gave a lecture in Dublin at which she landed this bombshell on her audience: "...The shows wrongly suggested crimes could be cracked within the space of an episode..."

The idea that forensic pathologists dont have hats, wear sunglasses or throw pithy one liners before blowing up cars on beaches has totally thrown me. I envisaged lots of wise cracking nerds doing slow motion gunfights before solving crimes with IR torches. My life is now pointless and Gonzo has probably topped himself.

More of the bleeding obvious here

Is it wrong to blame hip hop? (Hint: Yes)

13 Nov 2007 by ShogZ

This article over at the BBC looks again at whether Hip Hop, rap and video games are to blame for gang violence.

I'm going to wade into difficult territory here, Quake Wars style, and see if I can put some reason up. I can only speak from the UK perspective, so thats what I'll do.
As I understand it the current Games and guns argument goes: Games and music are violent, kids experiene these and get violent. Or, kids are predisposed to violence and games and music tip them over / encourage this.

First numbers, the number of people buying and listening to Hip Hop in this country is massive. Yeah, it's heard in council estates and ghettos, but its also heard in middle class homes and the odd mansion. Hip Hop, as Nas would say, is dead in its truest form, that is expression music for those most disenfranchised, or a way out for that same crowd.

Games are equally widespread, literally hundreds of thousands of kids are playing Halo, Grand Theft Auto and Manhunt along with a healthy proportion of adults.

Of these, less than 1% will go on to commit violent crime. It's true that if you look backwards and say 'but 100% who have done crime have played games at some time' its also the same if you ask how many of those people have drunk tap water. Quick ban the taps.

Next, demographics. I am going to make a racial point here, and as always the pc brigade will likely wet their environment friendly, dead cow hair, recyclable nappies. Fuck off, it's time to stop reacting and start learning.

Of all the recent gun crime in the UK, the majority of perpetrators (not always the victims but still mostly) are from the black community. There is a reason Operation Trident was set up to deal specificlly with Black on Black gun crime in London: It is happening a lot.

Now lets look at Hip Hop and Games, is this music and entertainment restricted solely to this demographic? Hell no. Black people listen to Hip Hop, and white people listen to Elvis right? Wrong.

Eminem tapped into the market when he correctly identified that the vast majority of kids buying his (And HH other artists) stuff were white...And middle class. The same goes for games, go to any LAN cafe, cyber league, Game store, Computer Exchange, hell even the games section at hmv, go to the most violent games sections you can find and you will see a lot of white faces, in some cases and places mentioned above you will see only white faces.

Where is the operation trident for White on White gun crime fuelled by games and music? It doesnt exist.

Gun crime is not just a black problem, its being perpetrated by white, asian, chinese..fucking martian...whatever as well, but it's over representative in the black community, why?

And if the Black community is not wholly involved with guns (It isnt by a long shot - ahem) and if the black community is a small proportion of the whole gaming and hip hop community, why does a minority within a minority dictate the rule for the whole?

In the UK a tiny number of individuals, predominantly within one community, are being examined as the test case for everyone, those people aren't right, and neither is that method.