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Fight Night 2: Return of the big hitters

23 Feb 2007 by ShogZ

Well this is a general test type first post.
I hope to add many long and incoherent ramblings on games, rap and life here.
First I'd like to say a big congrats to Jr on the birth of the newest addition to the 404 family, his little baby. Remember, they belong to the clan first and the family second Jr.

Next up I wanted to give the 404 viewing public (All four of you) prior warning that the music world is about to get a gift that hasn't been equalled since Kevin Federline (K Fed to fans) decided he could make songs. Gonz and I have started another project and gone back to our roots to produce a new sound for the digital underground. More news when there is any.

Finally a big fat welcome to anyone and everyone. Let's get this place painted and habitable as soon as possible, once Gonz has cleared up we can all move back in and the 404 cyber mansion of will be a domicile of life once again. Except no French people.


The Circle Of Life

06 Feb 2007 by Dr_Gonz

The Circle Of Life OK kids, after being molested by hackers and neglected by it's owners, the 404 website has gone completely tits up, and the database has been lost irrecoverably - thanks to a General Disaster at the (former)  host. We have tried just about everything we can think of, including voodoo spells using a tiny effigy of Iggy and an extremely valuable lock of The_Stranger's hair, but Hope Has Been Exhausted.

We do have all the files off the site, so the demos and other bits and bobs are still there, and can be viewed (if you know the file name) via, which is nice, but years of general witticism and Euro-ness have been lost. I've tried to add user accounts for people based on the last ones we have (which are oooollllddd, so try 'em or sign up or email me, or \/\/hatever), and at some point we'll replace this default theme with something a little more 404licous.