Clan 404


Clan 404 - It's the love that counts.

But as well as love we've got some serious history. According to our Wikipedia entry we were formed in September 2000 (Gonz is going to check the archives and make sure) and we started out as a group of guys in a house, a bit like id software.

Where we differ from John Carmacks gods of gaming is that we were not good and didn't make millions producing next generation Graphics engines. Along the torrid history of our bloodline we've been involved in; Leagues, adminning, radio shows, rap music, featured in national Games magazines and photo shoots.

Legend tells us that the founding fathers of the 404 tribe were Shades, Conan, Gonz, Shogz and Kentai. These wise elders came together under one roof to run the 404 Mansion mk.I on the south coast of the UK.

Kentai was the first to leave, followed shortly by Shogz then Conan. Shades and Gonz saved the communal living concept and continue to reside together in the aptly titled 404 Mansion Mk.II.

The Clan grew from its 'under one roof' inception to include players from the highest divisions in the land and many euro players plus a few wandering hobos from around the world.

A professed hatred for the French and many remarks against the Counter Strike community by leading vocalist Shogz lead to many confrontations with other elements of the internet community. The 404 website has gone through several evolutions not least because it has been targetted by French, Bosnian and Arab hackers. It appears God really did send them to piss the world off.

404 continue to compete in different tourneys under different guises, the clan is 'active' in that it's got members, they play games and we sign the clan up for anything that we could loose at. You'll find us in the bottom division of every league at the bottom of every table relishing getting our asses kicked.

We roll together, one unit, 404 for life.

The future holds a 404 shapes destiny, whether it's the 404 nightclub opening in Scunthorpe with Gonz as resident DJ, jr on the bar and Shogz as compere is not known. But rumours of a clubland tour were definately false. We couldn't sell the tickets.

If you're looking for another clan 404, the Day of Defeat Clan, the defunct Aussie version or the no longer active Team Fortress 404 or perhaps even the rumoured Singaporean Starcraft 404, then they are all dead. After all, there can be only one.

Radio Free 404: Broadcasting from Zaire